The Direction of the South

This hand painted silk dress is honors the direction of the South, the powers of Fire.  The dress is painted in an ombre color which shifts from soft yellow to deep yellow green, the color or photosynthesis or life itself.  The silk chiffon capelet is embellished with bells, crystals, feathers and gold threads. The dress is appliquéd with a poem by Chief Seattle regarding the importance of caring for our land. The Aztec eagle graces the capelet and the American buffalo encircles the swirling skirt. The Direction of the South honors the Sun, creativity, fire and passion.  Wearing this dress inspires creativity beyond measure.

The Season of the South is Summer and the time of South is high noon. Green is the color of the heart and the dress also represents courage of one’s convictions.  This dress is appropriate for wearing at any significant right of passage.

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