Sacred Necklace for the Warrior of the Heart

This dress, eventually called Psyche, the Warrioress of the Heart, started as a response to having to face life as a sensitive. I envisioned a kind of protective crystal cocoon for myHeart, which seemed to be too readily impacted by intended or unintended meanness in the world. I decided to make a necklace that would be simultaneously protective and radiant and I chose Swarovski crystals as a medium because of their history of being cut to the highest specifications for the utmost brilliance. I knew the power of radiance.

My initial drawing was hurriedly sketched out and I was on my way. Many months passed in between work sessions. The months stretched into years and I was not making headway on it at all. Then I had the realization that the energy of this necklace was such that I could only work on it at Mt. Shasta, where I knew that the vibrational atmosphere would support the work. So for several summers I took the project to a cabin in Squaw Valley in the area and the seeming resistance disappeared.

Warrior of the Heart Ritual Gown, Side View

Warrior of the Heart Ritual Gown

Warrior of the Heart Ceremonial Gown

Warrior of the Heart Goddess Dress

Warrior of the Heart Ritual Gown

This dress represents, for me, the newest iteration of the archetype of Psyche, the integrated woman having the heart of the feminine and the fierceness of the masculine in the service of humanity and the planet, healing and fighting against the forces of evil all over the planet. This new archetype is needed now that the Age of Aquarius is upon us. Essentially, we have 3 years to transform all the negativity in the world into love. It will take inspiration to do this and I feel this piece which combines the energy of the angels with that of the warrior will contribute to the inspiration for the Divine Feminine to guide this process with energy and focus, but backed up by the feeling function which always creates clarity as to what needs to change to bring us back into balance as a planetary citizenry. We will need form, focus, discernment and discrimination. We will also need love, that which heals all.  Honor and integrity will also increase in order to balance the forces that are impacting us.