The sea spoke to me today

Large deep mirror sparkling in the sun

It was quieter than I know it, almost silent

Quiet, strong and blue.


The sea spoke to me today

Do not resist your experiences

Go the way of the sea-plants

Surrender to the wave

It will move you. You will be moved.


The sea spoke to me today

It pulled me down, close to it

It whispered silently, almost indistinctly

Sit quietly and you will know my depths

In you.


The sea spoke to me today

Do not fear me

I am here forever

For you have my depths in you

For  you.


Carmella Weintraub

May, 1999



Revelation-A Poem


It has to do with light and fire

Light from heaven beams down to earth

The comet, its piercing presence

took my brother away from me.


That same comet pierced my heart

Struck it open for all to see

Inside, the beauty, unbeknownst to me

but hinted about for years.


I know that beauty now

For it has come from inside to out

It shines with the grace of the one who sent it

Now my brother, the fire and I am one.


Carmella Weintraub, 1998

Dedicated to John William Thomas (1943-1997)



Bright Vision

The bright, clear-eyed dream

Came early and was then laid to rest

The garden, the cloth and the clothes

All conspired to be synchronous music



But the years had to pass, too many of course

Before the flower took root.

It was a flaming gladiolus at first

Then it died down to a vine, obligingly dull.


Underground springs feed gloriously and silently

Memories nurture young and restless longings

We cannot know the work of the gods

As well as we know our own pain


Suffering brought it back

That beautiful flaming spear, the gladiolus

Now I know the power of the unseen and the unsaid

I know the strength of the young eye.



Carmella Weintraub, 1998



I always think of grace as being cool,

but in my case it’s not been that way.

Grace seems warm, even hot sometimes

and sometimes ever the Fool.


Carmella Weintraub, 1998

Hymn to Healing

My foot cracked the other day

An opening with purpose greater than mine

Love quickly entered the wound

Knowing clearly that this was its chance


It began its journey close to the ground

Flowing in many forms, through many people

Sensing an impending importance here

Unheralded angels gathering for the transmutation.


Love headed straight for my heart

I could feel the tenderness rising

Rising, repairing the long-injured vessel

Every crack patched with the balm of mercy.


It has not been an easy journey

Tears of resistance flowed freely and often.

And I now know that my foot will heal

When love finds its rightful resting place

In the center of my heart


THEN, I will be on my way.

Carmella Weintraub

October 1999




Ancestral Guidance

I call them my Star Committee
Ancestral souls who, for reasons of age or temperament
Flew to other side of darkness before me.

Some went suddenly, some went slowly
Some went without warning, others not
All went willingly and with purpose

I want to honor them, legacies living still
Our soul web is still strong
They whisper, yell and cajole
Nighttime is busy in their court

Stand up, they say, you are now the front-runner
You, and the others we are guiding
I say yes to them, I thank them for their patience

I hurry to their gardens, nurturing what is left
of the plan we had, praying that I can hear them well.

To put my sorrow at their leaving
In their nurturing laps sometimes crosses my mind
But they say no, use it for the dream we dreamed
together before time started
You are old enough and kind enough now.


The Gift

It’s high time we unwrapped ourselves
Loosing culture bound boxes that bind our souls
Mistaking the outside for the inside while
Darkening our sovereign and innermost flames.

Our humanity has long hidden itself
Like wild animals in the dark forest
Taming us was not the idea
Domestication hindered not helped.

Layers of wrapping hide our brightness
Dullness shadows our shy and radiant faces
Bravado screams too loud
Drowning quiet and Knowing pulses.

Our flames are diminishing, about to extinguish
The hope held in passionate desires
Fear asks conformance to ownerless imperatives
While expectant and faithful hungers
Forget what once seemed so consoling.

But dawn’s light is here
We are cracking the code
Invincible hearts expand
Beauty shows its pure and poignant face.

It’s high time we unwrapped ourselves
We are the gift the Universe gave itself
Luminous promises foretelling revelations.
If we do that now, glory will arrive,
The planet will survive.

© Carmella Weintraub

October 1999