Warrior of the Heart Ritual Gown, Side View

Warrior of the Heart Ritual Gown

Warrior of the Heart Ceremonial Gown

Warrior of the Heart Goddess Dress

Warrior of the Heart Ritual Gown

This dress represents, for me, the newest iteration of the archetype of Psyche, the integrated woman having the heart of the feminine and the fierceness of the masculine in the service of humanity and the planet, healing and fighting against the forces of evil all over the planet. This new archetype is needed now that the Age of Aquarius is upon us. Essentially, we have 3 years to transform all the negativity in the world into love. It will take inspiration to do this and I feel this piece which combines the energy of the angels with that of the warrior will contribute to the inspiration for the Divine Feminine to guide this process with energy and focus, but backed up by the feeling function which always creates clarity as to what needs to change to bring us back into balance as a planetary citizenry. We will need form, focus, discernment and discrimination. We will also need love, that which heals all.  Honor and integrity will also increase in order to balance the forces that are impacting us.


The Direction of the East

The beautiful colors of soft aqua and white reflect the ethereal qualities of Air which is the Direction that is honored by this dress. The powerful Eagle represents the energy of flight and the pastel flowers strewn across the skirt are accentuated with the dazzle of  sparkling crystal beads.  The silk chiffon capelet is embellished with white breath feathers, crystal beads and the poem by Rilke, The Winged Energy of Delight, which honors child-like innocence in its finest form. The delicate white feathers represent the connection with Spirit and are ancient shamanic tools.

The Direction of North honors the intellect, the intuitive, the psychic and powers of wind and breath.  Spring is its Season and dawn, its time.  This dress is especially powerful for those born under the signs of Libra, Aquarius and Gemini, all Air Signs in the Zodiac.

The Direction of the South

This hand painted silk dress is honors the direction of the South, the powers of Fire.  The dress is painted in an ombre color which shifts from soft yellow to deep yellow green, the color or photosynthesis or life itself.  The silk chiffon capelet is embellished with bells, crystals, feathers and gold threads. The dress is appliquéd with a poem by Chief Seattle regarding the importance of caring for our land. The Aztec eagle graces the capelet and the American buffalo encircles the swirling skirt. The Direction of the South honors the Sun, creativity, fire and passion.  Wearing this dress inspires creativity beyond measure.

The Season of the South is Summer and the time of South is high noon. Green is the color of the heart and the dress also represents courage of one’s convictions.  This dress is appropriate for wearing at any significant right of passage.

The Direction of the West

This one-of-a-kind hand painted silk gown in shimmering silk satin honors the direction of the West, the powers of Water. It features the flora and fauna of the sea as well as feathers, bells and semi-precious stones, all tools of the shamanka. The dress is embellished with a poem by Rilke called The Starving Exhausted Daughters, about
the perils of an existence without the fructifying energy of Eros, the feeling function of human species. The capelet has the motif of the jelly-fish, graceful and undulating in its aquatic environment.

The Direction of the West honors the feeling self, one who is in touch with her feelings and emotions and has the courage and will to act on these feelings on behalf of other souls. The Season of the West is Autumn and the time is twilight.

The Direction of the North

This crepe de chine silk ceremonial gown in a slim silhouette honors the powers of the Earth. It features the symbols of the ouruboros and the lotus, both powerful ancient symbols of infinity, wholeness and supreme wisdom. The capelet also features the snake, another sign of transformation, and is embellished with feathers of the turkey vulture, a symbol of purification. Also appliquéd on the chiffon cape is a poem called Terra Incognita by D. H. Lawrence about the potential richness of living a life outside the bounds of culture’s strict confines. Bells complete the ceremonial richness of this dress, representing the powers of the earth.

The Direction of the North honors the body, the dark, the mystical forces of nature and birth, death and silence. The Season of the North is Winter and the time of the North is midnight.

The Butterfly Dress

This dress represents the Powers of Transformation.  The Aqua green silk chiffon and crepe de chine are embellished with a multitude of colorful butterflies in various stages of flight.  The chiffon overlay give additional dimension to the the flight of the butterflies. The oversized shawl also features butterflies and is edged with a deep aqua border.  The butterfly is an ancient symbol of transformation, transmutation and change of form and function.

This dress is appropriate for any ceremony of change, including birthdays, anniversaries or weddings.

The Panther Coat

This black silk velvet coat honors the Soul of the Divine Feminine. The three-quarter, loose fitting coat features a shawl collar, hand blown buttons and a stunning hand printed silk lining showing the beautiful black panther stalking the green forests in the moonlight. The lining is not meant to show as it important that women’s energy be contained for maximum power. We need this teaching at this time in history.

The Panther symbolizes strong Divine Feminine energy, the mystical symbol of the beneficient healing, and liberating energy within the feminine experience, where all phases of life are sacred, including that of aging. The Goddess awakens the power of the mind, body and spirit, as well as the emotions (both powerful and tender). Pleasure is the most treasured aspect of the Feminine and is to be sought after with focus and intention, just as this panther is doing.

The Direction of Spirit

This dress represents the powers of the Divine Feminine and the powerful Jaguar embellishes this Violet silk crepe de chine hand painted ceremonial gown. The skirt of this dress is overlaid with silk chiffon, which is also hand painted and has beautiful red lilies as well as the Jaguar. The poem by Yeats, The Second Coming, is printed on silk organza and appliquéd on the silk chiffon overlay. Glass beads, red macaw feathers and the lilies complete the picture on the silk chiffon shawl that adorns this sacred ensemble. The Jaguar and the red feathers symbolize the strong passions that rule the woman of power and should not be taken lightly.

The direction of Spirit represents the Center and rules transcendence, transformation, perpetual change and movement. The Sphinx is her animal and the symbol is beyond time.