The paintings featured on this website are the result of an intense visionary process which started around my 50th birthday and lasted for 15 years. The paintings documented an inner journey I embarked on after a sudden and dramatic realization of how seriously in trouble humanity and the planet really are at this point in history. These pieces are pastel chalk on heavy Bristol board.

I chose to search inside of myself for healing images and simply expressed what was in my heart at an given moment during the sessions I consciously dedicated to finding images and receiving intuitive messages that accompanied these images, colors, themes and motifs.

The process-oriented journey allowed me to shelve my left-brain pursuit of art and simply be guided to put these images on paper with chalk pastel. As a result, I learned a lot about what is needed now from all of us. It is simply surrendering to the powers of nature and honoring our feelings, allowing the Soul to speak its heart about how we should proceed in this world, given our dire circumstances.

I also learned a lot about myself and my own healing. As is true for many, letting go of childhood wounds and broken dreams starts a process of individual healing. Healing the collective always starts with individual healing. Healing is basically achieving wholeness, a process which can accompany ones’ acceptance of the dichotomies of lightness and darkness, masculine and feminine energies and love and hate. When enough of us are willing to do the work of that which must be steady, courageous, and conscious, the world will have a chance to heal collectively.