Ceremonial Gowns

The dresses featured on this site were initially a response to a Native American pow wow dance I witnessed at Stanford University. The idea of honoring the forces of nature through ceremonial clothing struck me as a dramatic and dynamic way to evoke powerful sacred energy through clothing the human body in specific ways. It is an ancient practice and one we do not practice in modern American mainstream culture. I also wanted to evoke the energy of the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite and combine this with the Native American feeling. These gowns were a result of that concept, combining modern, ancient and indigenous moods and can be worn in real life current ceremonies of transformation for women.

The first dress I did represented the Direction of the South, representing the Powers of Fire, and was used as my 50th Birthday ritual dress. Later I was compelled to do the other Directions, representing the Powers of Air, Water and Earth as well as Spirit, representing the Central energies. I subsequently added several other dresses to be worn for transformational processes.

The dresses are all hand painted silk crepe de chine and all shamanic tools of feathers, bells, crystals, beads and hand painted motifs from nature. Most of them incorporate appliqu├ęd poetry of Rilke, Chief Seattle and Yeats-poetry which foretells the times we are in now and offering solutions for healing. These poems can be read under the section in our website called Writings.