Artist’s Statement

Carmella Weintraub is a visionary artist, designer, and ceremonialist as well as a trained therapist. Since 1986, she has been involved in learning, teaching and producing art and craft, as well as leading large group rituals and ceremonies including Celtic nature based Solstice and Equinox celebrations and rites-of-passage processes for women in transitions. She considers the synthesis of all of her work to be creating ritual theater, as past time that is truly a calling for her. In addition she has a clothing and accessories business, Carmella D’Oro and which also features the works of light.

Her media includes chalk pastel painting, sacred hand painted silk ceremonial clothing as well as watercolor designs and most recently, colored art pencil mandalas. Her work is informed by forty years of personal work in Bioenergetics as well as extensive experience with S. Keleman’s Somatic Process Work. Extensive metaphysical study has also influenced her art, especially archetypal and transpersonal readings. Shamanic experience has been an additional stream of artistic inspiration.

Carmella has written extensively about the visionary art process, especially about the healing process derived from this path, both personal and planetary. A document revealing the details of the healing journey is available upon request. The poetry that was inspired during this journey can be found on the called “writings”.

Her philosophy includes a commitment to being a medial healing force, bringing healing images from the invisible world as well as facilitating this process in others. Her inspiration is found in a deep and abiding relationship with the natural forces, animals, plants, stars and a keen interest in the beauty of sacred geometry as a symbolic path of healing.

Born in California and raised in Hawaii gave her the gift of color, a feature of her art that she considers the most healing. The vibration of intense color gives her work a vibrancy that is bold and striking and can affect the viewer in a healing way. The totality of her work is based on the intuitive inner eye, and the revelation of the Soul is her goal – the process is the most important part of the artistic journey.

Love and light! Carmella Weintraub